Forms Processing and Web Research Services

ARMS Forms Processing services can help your organization eliminate human errors by automating the collection of data while cutting costs. How? Forms processing is a service that extracts data from different fields of entry and converts it into convenient electronic formats. Your electronic data is then safely stored and can be accessed from multiple locations. ARMS can help you efficiently store large volumes of data securely.

Your Forms Processing Needs

ARMS Forms processing service follows strict procedures that will ensure clients of our operational efficiency. Firstly, we will do research and will analyse your organization's means of collecting data and suggest a forms processing procedure. Once we complete our analysis, the suggested procedure is implemented using one of two methods detailed below. Finally, we make any necessary changes to your form interface and database collection procedures. ARMS also provides document processing services, application processing services and data processing services. ARMS services will fulfil your expectation.

Leads & Document Research:

Including professional profiles, resume, contact details i.e. Name, Address, Emails, Phone number & much more. For journal, magazines, thesis, technical, white paper, news & many more.

Property Documents Research:

Including mortgages, foreclosures, title research, deeds, assignments, releases, credits & much more.

MarketĀ & Products Research:

This includes researching scope, market size, SKUs, product classification & type, features, attributes, technical specifications, price, feedback, ratings, available packages, sales offers, dealers, distributors, distribution networks, retailers, top competitors, marketing strategies, etc.

E-commerce Product Information Research

If you are running an E-commerce store, we can help you gather critical product information, viz., SKUs, technical specs, product descriptions, design, pricing, pictures/images, trending items, feedback/product reviews and rating, etc. from reliable online sources. We cater to diverse industries such as apparel and accessories, mobile phones, baby products, electronic equipment, etc.

Professional & Events Services:

For professionals including Doctors, Lawyers, professionals, plumbers, carpenters, painters, academics & many more. That covers exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, webinars & many more.

Social Media Research:

We use Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and online directories to build a comprehensive database containing details of individuals, organizations and industries to help you build accurate and up-to-date mailing lists/marketing distribution lists, etc.

Company / Business Research:

Related to industrial, competitor, market report, financial / annual report. ARMS provides comprehensive web research services for businesses across the globe. Our experienced, proficient in English & highly skilled professional web researchers have the acumen of providing cost effective internet data research in shortest turnaround time. We strengthen your business with intelligent market research and collect data for marketing campaigns. For all your web research requirements, we are your one-stop solution.